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“In the last few years I have had the privilege of being both a happy customer of elevations Internet and neighbor of the Quigley family. In this time, I have been always impressed with the level of stewardship they place on being a member of the community and as business owners. This has been made evident in the due diligence and care they place on providing a network service that is both a value to the community and compliant with the regulations applicable for their business. Additionally, I have personally witnessed the level of concern they place to ensure that the business activities they are involved with are in harmony with the local natural environment. The high level of honesty and integrity they will place on a project such as this has earned my trust that it will follow the spirit of the rules, cause as little impact as possible to the environment and in doing so also provide valuable service to the local community.”


“I was one of Phil and Cherie's first customers. For me, and I suspect a growing number of folks up here, a stable high-speed connection is critical. Satellite and consumer-grade wifi are sad, dated solutions to an ever-growing need for high speed connectivity. The amount of bandwidth required for basic internet use has and will continue to grow exponentially. What works well enough today most likely won't within a few years’ time. Way back when, a 14.4 dial up connection was plenty good enough, then 28.8, 33.6, 56k. Each were a blessing until bandwidth requirements made them obsolete.

Elevations has had absolutely rock solid service. I've suffered a single outage in 2 years of service, due to a fiber cut down on the flats. The latency is extremely low, the bandwidth is high, and there is no data cap. The service, while more expensive, is on par with a wired connection in the city. Prior to Elevations my service was out several times a month. If it snowed I knew I'd have to wait for the snow to melt off a solar panel somewhere before service was restored. When it comes to emergency communications, snow on a solar panel disconnecting an entire community doesn't exactly inspire confidence… In my opinion it provides a much needed service to our community.”


“We are proud to say that we were the first customers of Elevations Ethernet. Their service is fast and reliable. They have provided awesome, personal service and are very knowledgeable about everything they do. They are also offering helpful advice, including demos, on streaming services for those who are interested. “



“We could not be happier with the service that Elevations Ethernet is providing to us. Our internet speed is incredibly fast, even faster than what we used to have down in Boulder! We have not experienced any outages and have been blown away by all of the assistance we've received from the Quigley family. They took the time on a Sunday afternoon to walk us through our many TV options and helped us out with extensive research when our cell phones weren't working to find the best phone solution for our home. Phil, Cherie and Shane have each shown us their dedication to running a reputable business in this community. It is clear that the needs of their customers and neighbors are top priority and I am certain they consider us when making decisions for the future of their company. I fully support Elevations and hope they can continue to grow and provide excellent service for many years to come.”


“We have lived in Sky Ranch going on 22 years and have tried different ISPs. Elevations is the best by far. We can stream TV and be on our IPads at the same time. The tower they have here is not obtrusive.”